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Been a while since I was on here, D has continued to be poorly on and off, more weird symptoms – colic, raised breathing and enlarged ovaries but not necessarily together at the same time!? Why does she always colic out of hours??? Last time was new years day at 6pm! Nice!

Finally the vets decided to take her into horse-pital for a barrage of tests, drove her up there feeling like a traitor and then wailed most of the way home – partly due to leaving d but more to do with the fact i met a scaffolding lorry on a single track road and had to try and reverse the trailer 1/2 mile to a passing point all the time with him yelling ‘get an fing move on’ and tapping his watch!! Actually that is a lie, I didnt wail, I reverted to road rage all the way home! Lots of light flashing, horn honking and yelling at people ‘what the f are you doing, i have just left my ‘child’ in ‘hospital’… and relax!!

Anyway they did gastroscopy, endoscopy, ovary scan, blood tests you name it they did it.  Apparently she was an ‘angel’ and didnt even need twitching and I got loads of ‘lovely mare’ comments when I went to pick her up so was brimming with pride but guess they probably say that to everyone!?

The results: drum roll…. nothing… Not an f’ing thing!!! GAH!!! all came back clear! Her white cells were low but ‘she doesnt look like a horse with a virus’ general consensus she needs to lose MORE ruddy weight (Wail!!) and they can’t find a thing.

Then a funny thing happens, vet randomly phoned last week… she has incredibly high levels of tape worm infestation??!! Which he believes has caused all of the weird symptoms (apart from ovaries clearly).  Well you could have fooled me?! Tapeworm? In a horse that is such a good do-er she lives on fresh air and STILL is 100kg over weight? He said he was ‘gobsmacked’ and read the results 3 times!?  Apparently she should be skin and bone!? Typical D.

So i am thrilled – hopefully this is the answer and with a double dose of equimax already done she could be colic free? Still going to be using a muzzle come the spring grass.  Now she is on a strict diet soaked hay, just hifi light to eat, no cereals, lots of work etc poor pony!!

I dread to think what size she will be once she is tapeworm free!??? HELP!!! 🙂


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