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So i have been on a high the last week or so, took D jumping a couple of weeks ago at a local indoor show and got a double clear, albeit at a snails pace trot! But first ever time we got a) into the jump off and b) a double clear!! To top it off we came ninth – out of over 40 people! WOOP!!

Followed that up with a great flatwork lesson a few days later, she was so much lighter in my hand, and then a great gridwork lesson the following weekend – no stops, no tanking – we’ve cracked it!!!

Back down to earth this weekend 😦

Took her back to the same place as where we got the double clear – was a pony club comp so course wasnt ideal for a big tank of a beast – but schooling schooling I thought, we will just pootle round and aim for a nice steady clear and no run outs (which are our forte!)

Bit of a mess of a day, ended up taking someone else (WHY did i say yes??) so got there ultra early as they were in an earlier class.  Meant d was on the trailer for over an hour on her tod neighing her heart out with me singing to her (why!? I dunno!) turns out this nasty pony had taken chunks out of her all the way to the show so she had some lumps on her neck (and even more when we got back).  Poor girlie, i felt so mean.

Warm up was packed and found out i was 37th so had AGES to wait, wandered her about in walk trying to keep her warm.  Finally got into warm up and some local hardcores were hogging all the jumps and preventing anyone else from jumping, and making kids cry on their ponies (not me!!) because they were scaring them.  Got her over a couple and she was tanking and super strong but quite calm about it I am used to it by now!

Went into arena, fence 1 i knew i was in trouble, stuck her head down really low last stride in to have a good look and then ballooned over it head somewhere between knees, same for fence two.  Fence 3 (double) refused to go near first part, turned her round and booted her in – jumped first part but took exception to second so whilst landing leapt to the right and i didnt have a hope, foot go stuck in stirrup then hand got stuck in rein and i got dragged across the arena.  Got up and back on (mortified!!! Only person to fall off in the whole class and average age of competitor was c.6!!?) got her round but every fence nicely set up going in, bouncy canter, last minute half a stride extra so we were on top of them, nose down, cat leap over.  There is a video on you tube under my same name (darcyandme).

I went in HC and round was marginally better but she wasnt listening to me and very flat and strong (even tho it doesnt look it on the film).  So upset and frustrated.  I knew we weren’t ‘there’ but in the space of a few days have gone right back to the beginning, and i have been working SO hard I cant tell you.  I really thought she was starting to grow up.  Had sleepless night that night ummming and ahhhing.  Maybe i should just focus on stressage but I want to be able to jump as well.  I could never sell her but the way I feel at the moment i just want to bundle her into a trailer and dissappear somewhere, never ride her again and just pat her and give her polos every day.  I am hideously competitive FOR us if you see what i mean – I don’t mind about winning as such – I just want her to prove to everyone what she can do.  You could hear people muttering all the time about my riding and its NOT my ruddy riding, ok I am far from perfect but she is a lot trickier than she looks.  It doesnt help that every second person wants to buy her because she is ‘so pretty’ and i think they just think I am inept!! I am SICK of being the crap one aaaarggggghhhhhhh!!!

Sorry – rant over.  I am sure there will be a better day ahead? I just needed to vent my frustration!! not sure anyone even reads this blog but its quite nice to get it all down and out of my system!! Schooling schooling tonight and i WILL be a good mother and not get frustrated with her!!


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