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D gets a good massage

Had the physio out to D a couple of weeks ago.  OMG she loved it.

She was quite tight on the left hand side, especially behind her saddle and in her poll, which explains her inability to flex to the left!!? Bless her.  She had a tens machine that she was ok about once she had circled the box at 100mph and hidden behind me in the corner rather ineffectively!!

But then when the physio started on her back it was hilarious, pure comedy value.  She LOVED it, she was being massaged and she suddenly started rocking back and forwards and side to side to make the massage deeper!!?? Most unlady-like but hilarious.  Legs stretched wide and rocking away.  Then she started ‘pointing out’ with her nose where she wanted to be rubbed next, which went on for over 40 mins!! Bless the physio she really should have charged me extra!!?? She was there for hours!!

She finally started to fall asleep and i have never seen a horse dribble like it!!?? She had her head hanging and her bottom lip all relaxed and there was a constant stream of drool!? And a puddle on the floor.  Classic! She is such a lady!

Having ridden her afterwards tho i could feel SUCH a difference, so much more willing to move forward, bless her she must have been quite tight so now i feel like a terrible mother!!!?


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