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Darcy mangles my toe!

Haven’t been on here for a while, not sure why! Work work work and poo pick poo pick poo pick!!! With the odd ride in between!!

Brought D in on Sunday and she had a hideous overreach, not massive as such but quite a deep hole – yet just not quite deep enough for another vets call out! So decided to clean it up as best I could and get the blue antibiotic spray on it.

D isnt a great fan of water, but stood reasonably well whilst i rinsed the mud off her heels, but then I needed to the the overreach bit and her face was a picture FURIOUS!!! HOW DARE I touch her poorly foot???

She hopped around a bit, then hopped a bit more, turned her head round and knocked me over with her nose on my bottom.  Tried to compose my dignity and started again, she stood on the hose so no water, all on three legs… when this didnt work and I INSISTED on carrying on she basically sprung straight up off all (three!) legs and landed straight on my foot, then did a lovely turn on the forehand just to crunch me into the concrete a little more, got stuck between me and a wall so i couldn’t push her off and then stood there smiling and sniffing for polos!!

The air turned blue as you can imagine, I have steel toe caps but she managed somehow to just do a perfect landed about 3mm below the edge of them!! Thats gratitude for you!!

After 4 days of numb but pain I decided to go to the docs, where i was told she has managed to twist my toe completely round!!!?  I was wondering why my knuckle was on the side of my toe!?  Strict instructions no riding for at least 3 weeks… of course i had a jumping lesson that night 🙂



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