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Darcys mystery illness

Lack of posts due to holiday, first one in three years and a week before i go away D looks a bit ‘sad’, friends tell me to pull myself together, I have a niggle something is up.  This was Tuesday.  Wednesday her breathing is all over the place, no other signs of anything wrong – walked her round the school once and she was hyperventilating, put her in her box, and worried a lot decided to see how it was the next day … it was the same really puffing just standing in her box.  Decided to call hot vet.  Hot vet arrived and after full examination said it was weird but nothing physically wrong with her, all vitals normal.  Took some bloods, D was an idiot and ended up getting a haematoma and so we spent the next ten minutes stemming the flow of blood!

Friday bloods come back clear, still weird breathing, saturday still weird breathing but otherwise all perky and fine.  Sunday colicked really badly, vet comes out – no sign of colic??? Eating fine, poos fine, but clearly in pain, treated with painkillers etc but within 2 hours had to get him back out, talks of referring her ‘nothing more i can give her’ i am in bits wailing a lot (sound familiar) convinced she is a goner.  He decides to pump her tummy with water.  Sadly it wasnt hot vet but he wasnt bad looking so nice eye candy.  AMAZING staff on yard sleep outside her box all night to check she is fine.  Hottest of hot vets comes back out on monday and she is still mildly colicking (but no signs outwardly apart from pain) she is starving and kicking her door to shreds… treated again and it seems to subside.  I have to go away with work so panic but leave.

Roll on two weeks she seems to be over her colic and had my first sit on her yesterday, but she is still breathing weirdly.  They don’t know why but her oxygen saturation levels in her bloods are fine, so she is getting all she needs, there is no noise on her chest and all her airways are clear, so have been told to introduce work gradually and see what happens.

Will keep you updated!


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