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After such a good lesson last week it was back down to earth last night with D.  What a terror.

She started off so well, she has definitely come on her trot and canter are so much stronger and she is making a much better shape over the jumps now.  We had a couple of stops, mainly my fault, and then it was like she was enjoying herself too much and she started tanking.

I may have mentioned this before, everything has been checked and checked again, there is nothing physically wrong with her, what she does is she locks onto a fence sets her neck and GOES.  So even on a course if its the wrong fence she will still jump it and you don’t have a hope in hell of stopping her!! I have a video of last night but not sure whether to include it here for fear of the normal ‘you are cruel’ comments.

Instructor suggested stopping after first fence of a related distance.  He stood in the way… he ran out of the way.  He was saying stop stop stop nope nothing i could do we bowled onto the second fence.  He tried putting up a barrier fence about 1.60 as there is no way she would jump that surely!? But blimey she got close with me hauling her off it so decided to try another technique and go for circling in front of the fence.

Major tantrums – she wants to go, comes off the corner hauling me in, I am trying to circle her, she is furious, head shaking and running sideways backwards and any way except the way I want to go at a rate of knots! Simply press repeat, this goes on for about 15 mins.  I try in walk trot and canter, as soon as she comes off the corner she is locked onto the fence and FURIOUS when i tell her no!!

Eventually I calm her down and jump it in trot and she is fine, and ask for canter and we start tanking again.  But she is clearing it and i have slightly more steering so am happy.  We are both dripping and puffing and huffing!!! Crowd as usual started at about 3 people ended up about 12!! At least we provide entertainment and at least I am smiling (not wailing!!) this week!!?

Have no idea how i am going to stop this tanking though? Any ideas!? Have tried numerous bits but it is her neck she sets against me rather than the bit!!

Onwards and hopefully upwards!?


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