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Once I had finally managed to load D (see previous post), we set off up the M6 to Billy Twomeys yard for a jump lesson.  His yard at the time was an amazing place, like a country estate with beautiful fields, stables, facilities etc and the horses – well breathtaking!!

I was an hour early so I asked if there was a box for D to go into, they didnt have any spare but suggested that I use an empty one they used to store all their stuff, like extension leads etc.  First problem of the day, D is terrified of wires, took us 5 mins to get her in the box where she just cowered shaking in the corner!! Oh and I so hoped to be professional!!

Eventually it was time for our lesson, I tacked her up and rode her round to the school.  It was surrounded by a high hedge and as I rode her in one of the grooms was riding another horse round the school, she was really friendly and stopped and chatted to me. Made me feel more at ease. I started riding D around the school only the hedge was terrifying and she was wired.  I kind of held her together until Billy himself turned up, when she promptly bolted with me across the school flat out, straight towards him!!

I stopped her eventually.  Billy was a really nice guy, I explained we didnt jump much and had a few issues, it started pissing it down, story of my life.  The magazine were there taking photos for an article, Billy asked me to ride her round and immediately spotted she wasnt off my leg, so we did some work on that and then headed on to do some jumping.

Long story short, I fell off, a lot.  All captured by the magazine.  We all got drenched, cold, and miserable.  I heard the word ‘hopeless’ muttered several times.

We knocked every fence bar one down.  I was black and blue.  D was dripping (sweat and rain), Billy gave up after about 35 mins.  Photographer gave up after 20!! In the end i was left wandering round the school mortified, filthy, wet and miserable.

Loaded D and set off on the 4 and a half hour drive home.  Not sure show jumping was our forte in those days!!


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