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D gets her first clip

This is a short one and second hand as I wasnt there (furious!!)

When D was 4 1/2 winter was drawing in and my yard owner decided she needed clipping (without consulting me – reason one for me leaving that yard – many more reasons to follow).

What ensued has ever since been referred to as a ‘health and safety’ disaster – 4 people trying to hold her down several people being kicked, bumped out of the way etc.  In the end they gave up.

What people don’t realise with D is she is normally ok about things if I am there.  An example is shoeing – at the old yard they had terrible trouble trying to shoe her (the farrier did) – they had to do it in a box and had two people holding her.  Yet when I was there she would stand stock still and not even need to be tied up with haynets, treats etc.  Fast forward a couple of years and it shows it was definitely the atmosphere at the old place.  At my yard now she is just tied to her door to be shod with no one helping or watching, she is super chilled.

Anyway back to the clipping – all they managed was two ‘go faster stripes’ over her shoulders.  What an idiot we looked for the whole winter!!! Mortified!!!


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