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That dressage competition…

About a year ago I decided to take D to a riding club stressage competition, very low key at a field in Surrey.  They even had a class where you can follow someone else round to keep your horse going – that kind of level

We were feeling brave so didnt bother with that class!! 🙂 Instead entered two prelims.  Day before much washing plaiting bought a new white saddlecloth etc.  Off we go.

Test One:

– Up centre line, take objection to judges car (it was a rollerskate look alike) rear, spin, rear, spin, wail (me) think sod it dont get to the end of the school do a nifty half 10m circle to E and carry on, horn goes, I ignore it.  Next movement 20m circle, take exception to pushchair and small toddler at B – he is running around a bit.. won’t go near him, nap, rear, nap, rear, wail, wail.  Hmmm.  So i yell at the woman, ‘can you control your child and move that bl**dy’ pushchair – what do they say? Dressage is about elegance etc.  We haven’t quite nailed that bit yet! She moves it .. just further up the long side.  Rear, rear, wail.. I am seriously sobbing now.  Judge gets out of car and tells me to give up.  I wail at her ‘I love her and she is soooo horrible to me’ (yes i really said that), judge patted me on the leg and said don’t worry love just go and see your mum she will make it better… I didnt have the heart to explain I was 33 and had driven myself 🙂

Test Two:

– We manage the whole test RESULT! No pushchair in sight and the judges car is a lot more mediocre!! I am merrily slapping D on the neck and telling her I love her (tears forgotton) when the judge storms up to me and starts yelling that I shouldnt pat my horse and Parelli says its cruel??? And i should just scratch her on the neck as a reward.  I explain I have always patted her and she knows its a good thing… next moment judge is slapping me super hard on my leg yelling HOW DO YOU LIKE  IT EH HOW DO YOU LIKE IT, NEXT TIME I SEE YOU DO THAT I WILL ELIMINATE YOU… and then marches off… I am left surprised… and sore!?

We went home after that, a random day!!!


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