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I was lucky enough to win an amazing prize in a magazine (more about that another day) and one of the prizes was a series of lessons with Richard Davison – stressage supremo.

At the time we were struggling to trot, let alone do much more, but i gamely drove up to Staffs to his yard where I was having a lesson, staying over night and then driving up to Billy Twomeys for a lesson with him.

Richard tends to teach in the afternoons and as I arrived there was an AMAZING GP horse in his school, i felt sick, how embarrassing. Soldier on I thought.  So unloaded D and stuck her a box to recover for a bit.  The time came for us to warm up and unfortunately there was another international level rider in the school.  I tentatively rode D in and started walking her round, all I could hear from the other end was ‘passage, passage, now piaffe, piaffe, now passage, passage etc’ then suddenly D took fright at something… cue the following commentary…

‘Passage now piaffe, NICE, bit sharper, now now now, GOOD, now into passage, lovely, push more, now into Piaffe…. SIT UP (my name) SIT UP, HOLD ON, SIT BACK SIT BAAAACK!!!

That second bit was for me, we were broncing… again. I stayed on.  Showed ourselves up? Not much! Haha! We did have a good lesson, although we didnt really get out of walk (perhaps for my safety!?)

I put her to bed, much wailing ‘why do you embarrass me I LOVE YOU’ (to her not Richard).  Get up in the morning for my long drive to Billys.  Up at 4 – I am on my own and let myself into Richards yard (I was allowed I wasnt breaking in), part of the prize was hire of a lorry – well D didnt load very well in it, but lets face it its pissing it down, she will be good won’t she?? I whisper quietly to her as she eats her brekkie and I skip out, all about how much I love her and how she will load well and how we are going to have a fab day.

I go to load her.  She refuses.  Its hard on these side loading lorries when there is only one of you, by the time you get them on and go to close the partition they are off again.. we did this little game for 40 minutes.  FORTY! Pouring with rain.  Dark. Away from home. No-one to help me.  Guess what? I wailed again and i mean SERIOUSLY WAILED!! WHY WHY WHHHHHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME I LOVE YOU! etc etc. after about 10 mins of wailing she took one look at me sitting on the ramp sobbing and no word of a lie loaded herself.

Ruddy horses!!!


Comments on: "D excels herself in front of Richard Davison" (1)

  1. They just love humiliating us don’t they 🙂
    Your blog is a good read.

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