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Blimey – i am smiling!!

The jump lesson went – well!!? Well even better than well it was fantastic! First jump lesson in FOUR YEARS of owning D that I didnt get a stop or run out! We even braved a couple of 95’s!! Get us!! And the scary filler – although we did a rather strange jump over this every time 🙂 I am still in shock. 

It was quite humerous as just like every other week there are 2 or 3 people at the yard watching the lessons then when I rock up to the school there are suddenly 15 people!!?? Plus video camera’s, normal cameras.  People pulling up chairs, making cuppas and settling in for a show! After the first couple of fences my instructor asked if I had swapped horses!!? And we kept getting a smattering of applause over fences (even 60cm ones!) as i think everyone was amazed we got over everything!!

Very proud of my fatty, trying not to get my hopes up that this is it and we can now jump!!? I reckon it was just a good week.  When your instructor yells things like ‘blimey you have even landed on the right leg you have definitely swapped horses’ you know you have come a long way haha 🙂

We have a busy couple of days ahead – Andrew Gould lesson tonight – got my chicken fillets so I look vaguely like Katie Price?!! Then showing tomorrow (going to be up until midnight washing the beast she is COVERED in poo) and then a chase me charlie at the yard on sunday which should be fun.  Never thought I would say this but today i actually ❤ my pony!! 🙂


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  1. What a lovely report. Sounds like you’re both having a whale of a time 🙂

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