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Jumping lesson tonight…

D and I have been having real problems with jumping.  She tanks a lot – she is a big girl and just sets her neck and goes wherever she wants with little control from me.  She also even at home often jumps really well until you change something like direction – or put a filler in – even one she has jumped 100 times before and she will start running out – either running through her shoulder and off in the opposite direction or goes down to jump then hops right at the last minute – she has taught me heaps about staying on I guess if you are looking on the bright side!!

As I say she is a big girl – ID x Warmblood.  About 17.1/17.2 and thick set.  Massive bum, massive deep neck etc.  Me? Well I am about 9 stone and a complete wimp.  To my credit I did think it was just me being hopeless but I have had a couple of men sit on her (both experienced riders) and their thoughts ‘its like riding a tank’ and ‘its like riding a double decker bus’ so its not just me! Phew!!

Every week a show jumper comes to our yard to teach a load of us – there are 8 of us having lessons tonight.  5 of them are under 15 and you can guarantee they will be jumping 1m10 ish.  2 are over 40 but yes you guessed it, they will be jumping 1m 10 ish… and then there’s me and D 🙂 70 if we are lucky ‘to get the technique right’.  We always draw a bit of a crowd (probably hoping for a fall!!) I havent jumped her for 2 weeks so tonight should be interesting – will provide an update tomorrow assuming i am not in plaster from top to toe 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed for me!!


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