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D and I have trouble jumping away from home.  We are fine at home, but take her to a competition and she is spooky and either runs out through her shoulder and tanks or she does a last minute go down to jump and then hop out to the side.  No apparent reason for it apart from the fact that ‘she can’.. so decided to take her to a clear round competition so I could stay in there as long as I needed (hopefully not quite as long as in a previous post!)

We entered the 2’6 and 2’9 clear rounds.  2’6 looked ruddy huge so friend and I decided that we must have missed it and it must be the 2’9 – altho we were later told they were just ‘up to height’ (like 90cm!!??).  First round a couple of refusals straight round again and OMG shock horror we got a clear round!!

I should probably explain at this point I have some VERY loyal friends who trail with me no matter what the weather pretty much every weekend to support, ‘cheerlead’ and often video whatever I am doing with D – and all they ask for in return is a burger.  Bless them I am lucky to have them!! This particular weekend must have been maybe the 30th or40th that I had been out and the first time I went without any cheerleaders and without the video camera.  So after maybe 30 weekends of being videod being eliminated at fence 2 our shining moment of glory i.e clear round and no one is there to see it 😦

We waited for the 2’9 sitting using nags as park benches, chatting away. Suddenly we were called and we hadnt warmed up at all, turns out we were the only entrants.  When it was my turn I rode in and b*gger me the fences were massive, like MAHOOSIVE!! For us anyway.  Most were 1m or 1m5cm.  But i was in the ring now what could i do?? I had to carry on!!

With a look of terror on my face off we went.  I think I might have actually closed my eyes a couple of times (haven’t jumped that big for a LONG time and never with D).  First 4 fences we gamely cantered to them, kind of stopped and then bless her climbed over them in THE MOST inelegant way possible.  I was already puffing from all my pony club kicking, bit of a sweat on, then suddenly at fence 5 it was like it clicked for her.  She turned into (a very fat) show jumper!! She was tanking me into the fences sideways, head in the air, and then 3 strides out would straighten herself up and literally soar over them, immediately checking on landing waiting for Mum to tell her where to go next.  We went round the rest of the fences like that, like a pro!!! 🙂 I was waiting to hear a pole fall but tbh I couldnt hear a lot over my wheezing!! 🙂

WE GOT A CLEAR ROUND.  I nearly fell off in shock.  I didnt mean to but apparently yelled at the top of my voice ‘look at us!! we did it!! We got a clear round!! Look everyone!!’ much to the amusement of the small crowd of onlookers and much to the embarrassment of my friend!! I then decided (why!!??) to do a lap of honour!! haha! lets face it we don’t often get the chance! So i rode round this clear round smacking D on the neck at a strong canter punching the air and smiling.  Only then when I got to the gate I realised how strange I must have looked.  I didnt even get a clap!!! 🙂

I saw a friends mother as i rode out of the ring and yelled to her ‘we did it, we got a clear round’ – she answered that she knew, she had been in the next field but one – easily 1/3 mile away – and had heard me yelling!!?? Ooops!

So no video to prove it! And none of my friends saw it.  And of course when i tell them how big it was I can see in their eyes they are thinking (‘bless her let her have her slight exaggeration sure it was more like 70cm – that horse can’t jump for toffee’) But I know we did it, and they were huge jumps, and we got our probably only ever lap of honour 🙂


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