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I was on a business trip to Sweden, our meeting started at 8.30am and was an all day meeting – really important client and possibly the deciding meeting as to whether they would spend £1000’s with us or not.

I got up early only to find I didnt have a shirt with me, all I had was the old t-shirt i had slept in and a suit.  No problem I thought I will nip to the local shopping centre and buy one.  Only when I got there I discovered in Sweden a lot of shops don’t open until 10am.

I decided to walk out of the shopping centre and head onto the main street.  There was a glass revolving door onto the high street and as I approached it a couple came through the other way towards me.  He was easily 80 if not older, she was about 12 and lets just say I think he bought her on the internet, so I was kind of staring opened mouthed in a polite way as you do, at them, and promptly walked smack into the glass revolving door.  Another almighty crack (like when with D in trailer see earlier post) and blood splatters all down my t-shirt, I kind of yelp in pain and then do the good old ‘that wasnt me oh i just walked into a door but i am fine’ reassuring smile to everyone around me then promptly burst into tears.

There were lots of people in the shopping centre, and ok in hindsight i looked like a bit of an old tramp – suit trousers, mouldy just slept in t-shirt with blood down it, trousers dragging on floor as not put my killer business heels on yet.  No make up, hair not brushed, I tried to talk to a few people to ask for  help but they just looked at me in alarm and dragged their children away from me like i was going to hurt them.  Everyone appeared to have forgotten how to speak English, i found a chemist and had to queue for the till where I frantically pointed at my nose and the blood but all i got was a tissue and ‘escorted’ out of the shop!

In the end I had to go to the meeting with a bloody nose, a black eye (slowly forming) in my ‘sleep’ t-shirt and suit.   And endure a day with them feeling very sorry for myself.  The flight back was agony with the pressure, and i took myself off to the local A&E when i landed to be told I had indeed broken my nose (was fast tracked – they know me pretty well there!)

DOH! Good news was I got the sympathy vote and got the deal 🙂


Comments on: "The day i broke my nose (without D’s help this time)…" (1)

  1. Not sure how to do this. Very amusing.

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