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When D was six i moved her to a new yard.  I will explain why in another post.  I had a horrendous time for 3 months when she wouldnt settle, I will explain this in another post as well.  I was close to giving up when she finally seemed to have settled down and we started to enjoy the new yard and facilities.  One really nice thing at the new yard was a 7 furlong canter track.  Every day whilst D ‘settled’ I would watch other liveries either in groups or on their own go round the track smiling and lauging in walk, trot and canter.  I longed for the day D and I could do that together.  I really hoped it would help with our ‘not going forward’ issues.

The day came, I had a good day at work and was feeling positive.  About 6pm I set off with D to do our first solo exploration of the track.  She was a bit nappy at first but i perserved and we managed to get about half way round in walk and then i tried a trot and and we did a full lap, I was beaming.  We started off round again and about halfway down she slammed on the brakes and refused to move.  I kicked yelled etc (ever the professional) and we crept a couple more steps, then she suddenly dropped her shoulder, spun and bolted back towards the yard.

I remember thinking ‘well at least we are going forward let her run’ but then thinking ‘we are going a bit too forward now, take a pull’ and so I pulled and she went from flat out bolt to bronc’ing, her head dissappeared somewhere between her legs and the first bronc i remember looking down and thinking how am i going to land on the saddle, I was that high up, second or third i am a goner.  We were going so fast anyway and she has a lot of power in her back end (big bum).  I flew over her head and landed head first, she galloped straight over me but mercifully missed me.  I can still hear the clatter of stones and mud as she kicked them up at me.

I lay there for a bit and then sat up thinking ow, my neck hurts.  D went straight back to the yard so soon people were running to me.  An ambulance is called, I cant feel my arms and I am shaking all over, my neck is killing me.  What then ensued was comedy half hour.  Ambulance rocks up, take one look at me and pull out spinal board.  Because we are on track they cant use a stretcher so they use the portable spinal board that comes in two pieces.  Lots of new friends on hand to help, roll me one way put half of itunder me roll me the other way and friends put the other half under me with a massive push which cracks me on the side of the head.  Much hilarity.  I am taped down and they carry me to ambulance where they trap my hair between stretcher and ambulance and rip a load out.  Much more hilarity.  People taking pics of me ‘for facebook’ hmmm.  Ambulance sets off, gets lost on the track, cue 27 point turn to try and get me to hospital, or as a start off the yard!

Wheel me into local A&E where they start discussing me, I can hear them talking about me, so decide to yell to them that i can, they wheel me off up the corridor and leave me under a very bright light.

Have a row with the nurses about them wanting to cut my new Ariats off.  I win.

Have a row with the doctor as sure he is too young to be qualified.  He wins.

Comedy moment them trying to take my bra off when i can’t move my arms. Bra won.

Explain I am busting for the loo but nothing they can do as I have to stay strapped down.  I can go after xray apparently.  Wheel me round to xray to be told he has gone on a tea break and will be back in 20 mins.  Busting doesnt cover it.

Wheeled into xray he says (i quote) ‘they are really excited about you, they think you have broken your neck in two places… makes my life more exciting all i normally get is my wife nagging at me you are an excuse to stay late’ ummm thank you i think?

Long story short I am fine, whiplash, no obvious breaks, poss some nerve damage hence not being able to move arms.  They came back (the arms i mean) and I was released.  Got back to the yard and realised i had had my car keys in my pocket when i fell.  it is now 11.30.  Very kind person who i hardly know drives me in the car round the track in the piddling rain to search with hands to find them – we find them.  I am told not to drive as i have a head injury.  I drive anyway.  Then i get home and am paranoid i am going to die, so i set my alarm for every hour through the night to wake me up to stop me dying? Weird.  I did have concussion tho…. thats my excuse and i am sticking to it!!


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