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Get a call from the yard.  D has cut her face, doesnt look too bad but may need stitches.

Call vet, and dash to yard.  Presented with poorly pony dribbling and blood all down her legs, seems to be a 2in hole in the side of her face where her noseband goes. She seems quite perky tho and banging the door for feed as normal.

Vet arrives, can’t get near her, sedation, still can’t get near her, more sedation… she knows his car!! 🙂

Eventually he has a look and puts a gag on her, opens her mouth and puts his hand in, next minute two fingers pop through and wiggle at me on the outside of her face – she has a hole all the way through from inside to out.  By the looks of the injury it started on the inside and whatever it was came through her skin… quick fast forward – never found what did it despite trawling the whole field.

He stitches her up outside.  Poor pony.  For the next couple of days every time she eats or drinks it comes out the hole and dribbles down her face!

Day three – call from yard, she has rubbed stitches out.  Looking infected.  Antibiotics increase, he restitches.  Two days later she has rubbed the stitches out again (darn her) vet arrives, sedation, doesnt work, more sedation… what do we do now? We hang her head from the top bar over her stable (poor pony) and vet does an amazing job of stitching INSIDE. more antibiotics, more food coming out the side of her face.

She eventually recovered after about 3 weeks.  As I say never found out what did it.  She now has a ‘chinese symbol’ style tattoo scar on the side of her face.  Some days I like to think it means ‘hope’ most days I think it means ‘devil’ or ‘sent to embarrass my mum…’


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