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So Darcy collicked a little while ago, I got the call at about 11pm to say she wasn’t right, mortified I was in my pyjamas and had had a couple of glasses of wine.

Called the vet and then called local cab firm with URGENT used as every third word, they were pretty good and they were dropping me by the gate to the yard within 10 mins.

As they dropped me off another car turned up, being the middle of the night couldnt see who it was, but decided in case it was someone random I should walk/run up the driveway to the yard (approx 1/3 mile maybe) – as my mother always told me don’t get into cars with strangers.

Car came through the gate just behind me.  You can picture the scene, checked jama bottoms, checked jama top, wellies, and handbag (why!? i dont know)… jogging up the drive with this car, quite literally, doing 5 mph behind me, me who is lit up in all her checked glory by the headlights of the car, had to stop a couple of times to get my breath back, car duly slows and stops behind me to, not once did i look back, I just started off again, handbag flapping and jamas flailing in the wind.  Eventually after what felt like about an hour I got to the yard, car pulls up behind me, window winds down and vet says ‘i would have given you a lift if you had asked’.  Mortified. I just stood their wheezing, sweating and red in the face.

My vet is hot as well. DOH!

Lessons learnt… don’t drink full stop, in case your horse colics.. don’t turn up at the yard in your jama’s WITH handbag?… ask for lift, dont think you can out run a car!!


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