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Why am I here?

So why am I doing this?

Many people have told me I should write a blog about my ‘adventures’ about my life with my horse, and I guess my life in general.  I certainly seem to have had a few comedy moments along the way! So I thought I would give this a try!

So who is Darcy? Darcy is a 7 year old IDxWB mare, steel grey but rapidly going white!! I owned her since she was a 3 year old.  I bought her when she had been backed and turned away.  We have had an interesting ‘relationship’ and you will hopefully read more about it here.  I have so many ‘historical’ stories that I will probably fill this blog up with some of them to begin with, but filter in more recent stories as and when they happen.  Hopefully they will make you chuckle, occassionally cry, but mainly think ‘thank god I own my horse’ and ‘things are worse for other people after all’.

About me? I am 34, I should be working at the moment, I live for my horse, tragically have very little life outside of her, but am happiest when at the yard!

Happy reading and please feel free to leave comments!


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