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Fast forward a year or so and D and I decide to go hunting 🙂

We went to a meet with the Draghounds, and went with a friend with a traditional cob (who’s backside is our ‘bumper’ for stopping)

Upon arrival both horses very calm, we warm up and work them in to try and take the edge off them.  They both seem pretty calm despite quite a large field and lots of dogs.

We have decided to join the second ‘novice string’.  We are proudly displaying green ‘we are babies’ tail ribbons, have covered ourselves in safety equipment (contemplated elbow pads but couldnt find any that fitted over my jacket!!)

The field depart, us ‘novices’ are going second.  We are standing in the field where the cars and trailers are parked.  As the field depart they go through a gateway and into another field and then OFF.

We leave a bit of a gap then off we go, brisk trot and then into a canter..  now we are galloping, no one else is galloping, I think we are bolting? I try and turn her and she starts full on broncing, then rearing then broncing, then rearing then broncs me off… splat in the mud, I can see the trailer where I lie in the mud, I realise I have lasted a grand total of 100 yards!? So this is hunting?

D is off, she jumps two hedges, and then dissappears, I see the field being pulled to a halt, 10 minutes pass, and then she is on her way back being led by the field master, she has apparently jumped more hedges and brought herself down on a barbed wire fence, she has cuts across her chest but seems pretty much ok, they tell me I must get back on, I get a leg up, she bolts, she broncs, she rears….. I jump off.  At least I don’t have much of a walk back to the trailer (150 yards now).  A friend had brought me and she has gone as a foot follower, so I take back a rearing manic D to the trailer on my own.  The car is locked.  It starts pouring with rain.  I load her into the trailer she immediately trys to jump out.  She is going mental.

I am left there for over 2 hours, occassionally I run up the road to see if I can see anyone, I hear hoofbeats occassionally but no-one appears.  The car is locked so I am standing dripping wet and muddy and freezing cold.  I need a stiff drink but money is in the car.  I have no idea where I am and my phone is in the car.  D continues to go mental in the trailer trying to jump out, I have shut all the doors etc so end up getting in the trailer to talk to her and try and calm her down.  Start wailing and crying about ‘why are you so mean to me I love you’ (is there a theme here??) she throws her head up socks me full on on the nose, there is a crack.. she has broken my nose.  I cry some more.

Eventually we got home, but safe to say we haven’t tried hunting again!


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